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User agrees that Ship Secure Logistics has no role and responsibility in the actual delivery and shipment of the product, and Ship Secure Logistics provides a platform, for the Users to avail shipping services.

Signed manifests are compulsory for further investigation of any shipment [Its seller's responsibility]

Total time cycle of one shipment is 60 days.

Any query related to delivered and RTO delivered shipments should be raised within 48 hours

Volumetric weight is calculated LxBxH/5000 for all courier companies. Dead/Dry weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher should be taken while calculating the rates. 

In case the declared weight differs and is less than the actual weight, then shipping charges will be revised to the actual weight. You will be notified regarding such discrepancy in the weight (on the dashboard) and will be given 7 (seven) working days’ notice to either accept or reject the updated weight. In the event, you accept the updated weight the same will get billed, and if you reject the updated weight the same will not get billed until the matter is rectified/resolved. Further, in case you do not accept or reject the updated weight, the same will be auto accepted in 7 (seven) working days’ time period.

Ship Secure Logistics reserves the right to apply the RTO (return to origin) charges same as the agreed shipping rates.